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Impressive Malayalam Quotes and Sayings | Kwikk

Quote of leaf and tree love rebirth wait in Malayalam font with nature background
Quote of Arya R.B
"Kozhiyaan neram ila paranju..Kathirikkanam nee..manniloode alinjhu orikkal koodi njan ninte chillayil punarjanikkum vare" -Arya R.B
This site is a place for curation of Malayalam quotes and sayings. There are not many sites in the web that provide Malayalam quotes. In our site, not just we collect; but we treasure them. We treasure them so that, someone from any part of the world, who understands Malayalam, can find inspiration, or relaxation from them.

Blue color Malayalam quote about soil value landscape background
"Ningal uzhuthumarichathum chavitii nadannathum thuppiyathum vikruthamaakiyathum ruchiyulla phalangalkku jeevan nalkiya mannineyaayirunnu" -Rashid Sulthan

quote about death last friend path in Malayalam font

glasses Malayalam quote about eyes, vision-quote coffee mug and desk

Earlier this month we posted wise Malayalam quotes collection. You can read these wise quotes collection in Malayalam, share them freely with your friends, family members and other people you know.

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Everyone has talents. Also any talent can be learnt and mastered. Everyone has the potential to be great.You can revisit our site often to check for the newly posted Malayalam quotes.

Malayalam quotes on Loneliness

The technological advancements available today, not just made us closer, but also lonelier than before. Here are some quotes about loneliness in Malayalam.

Loneliness and depression sad quote with lady in Malayalam font
"Vishadamennal thanichaakkappettavarkku mathram aaswadikkaanaavunna lahariyaakunnu" -Arya. R.B
Quotes have the power to motivate us, guide us in the right direction in thinking and action.
The popularity of quotes is increasing day-by-day. They are the most searched query in the world.

"Kannadayude chillu mattanam, akannu pokillennu urappulla chilare ippol orupadu doorathilaanu kaanunnathu" -Arya R.B
The most popular quotes in world is life quotes, followed by love and funny quotes. To be great in our life we have to let go of our ego, and also believe in ourselves. We make sure that any quote posted here should have relevance in some way. We also try to include quotes that are entertaining as well as thought-provoking.

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Minion Funny Quotes Collection | Kwikk

Minions are the funny characters from the movie 'Despicable Me'. Funny quotes of minions are famous all over the internet. Here is a collection of some very funny minion quotes that you can read and also share with your friends.

 I am one step away from being rich, all I need now is money. 
 A good mood is like a balloon, one little 'prick' is all it takes to ruin it.
 Instead of calling it the John, i'm going to start calling my bathroom the "Jim"; that way I can say I go to the Jim every morning.
 Don't be afraid of a few extra pounds. Fat people are harder to kidnap.
 I am in one of those maoods where i just want to throw a book at someone's face and be like "I facebooked you".
 My mom said follow your dreams, so I went back to bed.
 Don't worry about walking a mile in my shoes, just try a day thinking in my head.
 My wallet is like an onion. When I open it, it makes me cry.
 God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world. Then he made the earth round... and laughed and laughed and laughed...
 I am multi talented. I can talk, annoy and irritate you all at the same time.
 My phone's low battery warning is the only warning I take seriously.
I've taken up photography because it's the only hobby where you can shoot people and cut their heads off without going to jail.

Respect your parents. They passed school without google.
What if there was no google? Good question. Google it.
 A police officer came to my house and asked me where I was between 5 and 6. He seemed irritated when I answered 'kindergarten'.
Don't steal, don't lie, don't cheat... The government hates competition.
I wish I lived in a world where mosquitoes would suck fat instead of blood.
 I changed my carn horn to gun shot sounds... People move out of the way much faster now.
 I really love my toilet. We've been through a lot of sh*t together.
 I'm not getting old, I'm just becoming a classic.
 Sometimes the thoughts in my head get bored and stroll out through my mouth. This is never a good thing.
 The divorce rate among my socks is astonishing.
 At my age I've
-seen it all
-done it all
-heard it all
I just can't remember it all.
Instead of a sign that says "Do not disturb", I need one that says: "Already disturbed, proceed with caution".
My brain is like the Bermuda triangle... Information goes in and then it's never found.
Lazy is a very strong word; I like to call it "Selective Participation".
If robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money, I'd just laugh and search with them.
If money doesn't grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?


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Malayalam Wise Quotes and Sayings Collection | Kwikk

"Thiri koluthathe oru padakkathinum pottimarikkaanaavilla"

"Enthinaa ingane air pidikkunathu. Oru kattadichaal pokaanullatheyulloo nammude kaattu"

If you go on searching for Malayalam quotes and sayings, there aren't many websites available in the web.
Quote in Malayalam about the sea wave and shore with sea background, blue color font
"Thalathallichavunna oro thiraykkum undaayirikkaam karayil oralppam vishramikkanamenna aagraham" -Arya R. B

If you are looking for Malayalam love quotes or life quotes, you will end up disappointed.
The problem is not that there is a lack for writers in Malayalam language. The problem is that the quotes they write are not available to everyone of us. 

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Many people write poems, sayings or quotes in Malayalam language and upload it to their social media profiles. Most of them will remain in their profiles itself even if they are shared a lot. As the time passes, they are forgotten by both the people who wrote them and who read them. They are not available to every one of us who are searching for Malayalam quotes in the web.

"Daivam bhoomiyilekku pravachakare ayachu. Chekuthan ottum kurachilla, mathapandithare ayachu"
What we are trying to do is collect as many quotes available from everywhere and trying to make it available for people who are searching for Malayalam quotes in the web.

Malayalam Quote about horoscope in Aqua color back ground and in white Malayalam font text

Love is a universal verbal language which can be understood by every creature on this planet. 'Sneham', 'ishtam' etc. are some of the synonyms of love in Malayalam language. Here are some beautiful Malayalam love quotes for you. Share them with your friends, lovers, family members and other loved ones.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Beautiful Malayalam Life Quotes Collection | Kwikk

malayalam sad life quotes-kwikk-all someone cheat pain giving love

"Ellam nalkiyittum chilar chathikkunnathinekkal vedana thonnum, onnum nalkaathe thanne chilar snehichu tholpikkumbol"
There are a lot of things that life teaches us. The life, as great people many people say is not a speed race. It is a marathon run. Don't just lie or cheat for short term benefits to the people around you. When we are honest in our words and actions always people you wished to have in your life will eventually come to you.
malayalam quote purple border purple/rose and black text better human requires zero rupees expenditure

"Oru nalla manushyanaavan kevalam 0.00 roopayude chilave ulloo"
malayalam-beautiful-love-life-quotes-from-Kwikk | nammale-ettavum-kooduthal-vedanippikkaan-kazhiyunnathu-nammal-ettavum-kooduthal-quote
People speaking Malayalam look for quotes in Malayalam language. They look for quotes to put as profile image or set as Facebook, Whatsapp status etc. The quotes are pills of wisdom. Above quote says people who love us are also the ones who can cause us the most pain. People who  love us can be our friends, relatives or other people who are close.

malayalam-beautiful-love-life-quotes-from-Kwikk | oraale-kaanathirikkumbol-anubhavikkunna-sangadamaanu-ayale-namukku-priyappettavaraakkunnathu
The quotes stresses on the importance of honesty in a relationship. Relationships formed on honesty and love will long a lifetime than a relationship that is built of lies and shams. In a good relationship people don't hide things, say lies purposefully or use others for personal benefits.

Kwikk-Malayalam-quotes-about-life-collection | ormakalkku ithramel kayppundennu arinjirunnenkil maraviye madhuramaay koode koottaamayirunnu

"Ormakalkku ithramel kayppundennu arinjirunnenkil maraviye madhuramaay koode koottamaayirunnu" - Njanhrudayashoonyan(fb)
Be patient building your life. Build it on some good values so that foundation is strong and people can rely on you and be truthful to you.

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malayalam quotes about life in Malayalam font of dark minds cracker explosion light
Quote Courtesy: Ajith Kumar R

malayalam quote human everywhere humanity not everywhere gray background text in black and white

"Manushyare ellayidathum kandekkaam ennal avideyellaam manushyathwavum kaananamennilla"
Only those things with value lasts against time. Be a person of value to the society and also a person of value in whatever you do. If you do so, then you will be respected by everyone. Also everywhere.

Adhiniveshathinu ethire nadathiya flashmobaayirunnu theyyam quote in red background white malayalam font

Malayalam quote religious conversion love related quote current affairs white background text in black

"Arum ningale snehikkunnilla ennu thonniyaal udanadi matham marikkalayuka, ningal maarichenna mathakkaarum ningale thirichu maattaan varunna mathakkarum ningale maari maari snehichu kondirikkum"- AjithKumar S

The quote below says about the importance of failures. Failures are also needed for success. It can teach us lessons. These lessons have a great role in making everyone successful.

Malayalam funny teeth braces quote green background text in white ajithkumar
"Njaan kettiyathilppinneyaanu nee nereyaayathu, pallinodu kambi"- Ajith Kumar R

Great people say that the people who succeeded most are also the ones who failed the most. If we learned nothing from a failure, then that is the real failure. Here in the quote it is said that, failure is not the opposite of success but failure is an integral part of success.


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Malayalam Quotes Collection | Kwikk

Quotes refers to the sayings of people. Quotes can be funny, wise, inspirational that may be inspiring, makes us laugh or makes us think. The quotes that makes us think makes us wise too. Here is a good compilation of Malayalam quotes or sayings on life, success, failure and many more. We hope you like them. Bookmark us or save our page if you like to see them often.

Life today tomorrow landscape Image Malayalam quote with black text and white background yellow border

The quote "Innalekal ormakalaayi Nalekal pratheekshalumaanu Jeevithamennathu Innaanu" says the importance of living in the present. Many people look back and live in their past memories.

Shareable Malayalam Quotes about life and nostalgia | Kwikk Malayalam Quotes Collection

Malayalam Quotes in Malayalam font

While some others look out to the future and live there. Very few people have mastered the art of life and those people are the ones who live in the present moment.

malayalam Quotes about life, sadness and loneliness| Kwikk malayalam Quotes collection

Living in the past is meaningless as it is already over. Living in the future too is folly, because future is promised to no one and living in the future is like living in a dream. The best way of enjoying the life is living in the moment.

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malayalam Quotes about life, nostalgia, love and loneliness| Kwikk malayalam Quotes collection

The below quote tells the futility of our lives. It says if world is a whole picture, we are only the dots that make up the picture. It should not be forgotten. The quote also tells the death is certain and inevitable. One day it will come to us and we should not forget that. Hope you like these quotes in Malayalam. If you feel like sharing, share it to your friends and loved ones.

Get Malayalam quotes on Wisdom, Love, Motivational, Funny, Proverb, Life, Lost love, failure, Sadness, Success, Education and Failure| Kwikk Malayalam Quotes collection

To share malayalam lost love, sadness and relationship quotes | Kwikk

malayalam Quotes about love, nostalgia and friendship | kwikk malayalam quotes

malayalam Quotes about love, nostalgia and friendship | kwikk malayalam quotes

Super malayalam Quotes about love, nostalgia and friendship | kwikk malayalam quotes

Nice malayalam Quotes images about love, nostalgia and friendship | kwikk malayalam quotes

malayalam inspiring quotes

Purely motivational malayalam quotes on success and failure of life| Kwikk Malayalam quotes collection

"Mattullavar ningalkku nere kalleriyunnenkil ningal avaye naazhikakallukalaakki maattukka"- Sachin Tendulkar
Super malayalam quotes about success & failure of life, Sadness, loneliness and friendship| Kwikk Best Malayalam quotes collection
Fitness motivation Image courtesy.

Malayalam thoughts of the day

The quotes offer us wisdom and that wisdom can be reflected in our character as we live our lives. So quotes are important. They give us lessons on life, opinions on life etc.

Super malayalam quotes about success & failure of life, Sadness, loneliness and friendship| Kwikk Best Malayalam quotes collection
"ilathumbukalil veezhunna mazhayude sangeetham vishudhamaanu.hridayathanthrikalil ninnuyarunna sauhrdathinte sangeetham"
Super malayalam quotes about success & failure of life, Nostalgia, Sadness, loneliness and friendship| Kwikk Best Malayalam quotes collection

The above quote explains about the importance of saving our trees. The quote says our very existence depends upon trees. We should not cut them. If we do so, the rain will fall automatically.

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APJ Abdul Kalam Quotes Collection | Kwikk

APJ Abdul Kalam was a renowned scientist in India. His full name is  Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He hailed from a poor Muslim family in Rameshwaram. Here are some super-inspiring quotes from 'the missile man of India'.

it is very difficult to defeat someone but it is very hard to win someone, Kwikk Apj Abdul Kalam inspirational quotes

"Success is when your signature changes to autograph."

"Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident."

"It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone."

"Don't take rest after your first victory, because if you fail in second, more lips are 
waiting to say that your first victory was just luck."

"Learning gives creativity, 
creativity leads to thinking, 
thinking provides knowledge, 

knowledge makes you great."

If you fail you never give up, because FAIL means 'First Attempt In Learning'.

Accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear.

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

Good behaviour doesn't have any monetary value. But, it has the power to purchase million hearts.

He also became the President of India from 2002-2007. He was the eleventh President of India. He was born on October 15, 1931. He died on July 27, 2015. Kalam is also known as the "Missile Man of India".
One Best Book is equal to Hundred Good Friends, One Good Friend is equal to a library,

He has received Bharatratna, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan awards. he was always an inspiration icon for the youth of India. He studied Physics and Aerospace Engineering. He had a major role as a scientist in India's nuclear test in Pokhran. He was also one of the master brain in developing ballistic missile and also in developing many of ISRO(Indian Space Research Organsation) projects He graduated from Madras IIT(Indian Institute of Technology).

He is also known for the development of a low cost coronary stent, working along with cardiologist Raju. The stent is known as Kalam-Raju stent. They together also developed Kalam-Raju Tablet, a tablet helpful for health care in the rural areas of India. He was also called as 'People's President'.

He is the author of one of the best seller inspirational self help book in India named " The Wings of Fire".

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Game of Thrones Quotes | Kwikk

Game of Thrones is an HBO TV show which is an amazingly accurate adaptation of George R.R Martin's book 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. The show is actually an epic fantasy and has numerous plot twists, mind blowing special effects, fantastic visuals and numerous action filled epic battles.

Here is a nice collection of quotes from this stunning TV show..

Game of thrones quotes Tyrion Lannister

"A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge" 
-Tyrion Lannister

Game of thrones quotes Mormont

"Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word"

Game of thrones quotes Tyrion

"Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it"
-Tyrion Lannister

Game of thrones quotes Kwikk

"Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you"
-Tyrion Lannister
Game of Thrones quotes about Power
"Power tastes best when sweetened by courtesy"

Game of thrones quotes Kwikk

"Even in dreams you could not fall forever"

Game of thrones quotes Daenerys

"Its hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on its head" 
-Tyrion lannister

Game of thrones book quotes

"It does not matter how brave or brilliant a man is, if his commands cannot be heard" 
-Lord Edward Stark

Game of Thrones quotes about Love

"The things we love, destroy us every time lad. Remember that" 
-Jeor Mormont

"We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”

Game of Thrones quotes Tyrion Lannister

Every flight begins with a fall | Kwikk quotes
"Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

"Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what's on the other side?”

Game of Thrones quotes about Power

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

“The man who fears losing has already lost.” 

“A lord must learn that sometimes words can accomplish what swords cannot.”

Game of Thrones quotes funny

“Everything's better with some wine in the belly.” 

“Searching is not finding.”

“If a man paints a target on his chest, he should expect that sooner or later someone will loose an arrow on him.”

Game of thrones quotes Daenerys Targaryen

"They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one"

"I'm not going to stop the wheel, I'm going to break the wheel"

"I'm no ordinary woman, my dreams come true"

"The next time you raise a hand to me will be the last time you have hands"

Game of thrones quotes Jon Snow

"I want to fight the side that fights for living"

“Different roads sometimes lead to the same castle.”

"In battle, discipline beats numbers nine times of every ten"

Game of thrones book quotes

“Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I'll sleep more easily by night.” 

“A ruler who hides behind paid executioners soon forgets what death is.” 

“A bruise is a lesson... and each lesson makes us better.”

Game of thrones quotes season 6

“The world was full of cravens who pretended to be heroes; it took a queer sort of courage to admit to cowardice...” 

“A true man does what he will, not what he must.” 

“A lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep.”  

“All dwarfs may be bastards yet not all bastards are dwarfs.”