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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pin Codes of various places in Palakkad

Pin Codes of Palakkad/Palaghat is needed for sending mails, for ordering an online product, for sending a courier, for sending official invitations etc. to persons living in Palakkad. We have listed almost every pin code details of places in Palakkad.

Pin Codes of Places in Palakkad

Here are the pin codes of various places of Palakkad(Palaghat).

Location  Pincode 
Palakkad town 678001
Palakkad Collectorate678001
Chandranagar, Palakkad 678007
Palakkad College678001
Palakkad Fort678001
Puthur, Palakkad 678001
Marudarode, Palakkad678007
Pallatheri, Palakkad678007
Chittur, Palakkad 678101
Chittur Courts, Palakkad 678101
Chittur PG, Palakkad 678101
Kunnamkattupathy, Palakkad 678101
Kuttipallam, Palakkad 678101
Chittoor, Palakkad 678101
Kalpathy, Palakkad 678003
Kalppathy, Palakkad 678003
New Kalpathi 678003
Kalppathi, Palakkad 678003
Pirayiri, Palakkad 678004
Koduntharapully, Palakkad 678004
Nurani, Palakkad 678004
Noorani, Palakkad 678004
Nurani Agraharam, Palakkad 678004
Noorani Agraharam, Palakkad 678004
Tirunilayi, Palakkad 678004
Pattambi, Palakkad 679303
Pattaambi, Palakkad 679303
Alathur, Palakkad 678541
Amayur, Palakkad 679303
Amayoor, Palakkad 679303
Kizhayur, Palakkad 679303
Kizhayoor, Palakkad 679303
Kodumunda, Palakkad 679303
Kolikkottusseri, Palakkad 679303
Muduthala, Palakkad 679303
Perumudiyur, Palakkad 679303
Nhangattiri, Palakkad 679303
Sankaramangalam, Palakkad 679303
Alathoor, Palakkad 678541
Alathur MBR, Palakkad 678541
Alathoor MBR, Palakkad 678541
Akathethara, Palakkad 678008
Palakkad Engineering College, Palakkad 678008
Chalissery, Palakkad 679536
Chalisseri, Palakkad 679536
Chaalissery, Palakkad 679536
Chaalisseri, Palakkad 679536
Perumannur, Palakkad 679536
Thanneercode, Palakkad 679536
Thanneerkkode, Palakkad 679536
Thanneerkode, Palakkad 679536