Friday, August 2, 2019

How to add Razorpay payment Option to your blog post, page (in Wordpress, blogger or any other)

Razorpay payment has many advantages over other payment methods. Now here I  will tell you how to add razorpay payment to recieve money for selling products through your website or blog. The method is not that hard. I will give step by step instruction on how to do this.

The following method works for all platforms whether its blogger, wordpress, tumblr or even ifts a custom created website/blog. View the below video to see how its done.

Step 1:  First go to the blog dashboard.
Step 2:  Open the blog post or page where you want the payment button to appear.
Step 3: Goto the html post or page editor (and not the plain text blog post or blog page editor) .
Step 4: Paste the below code in the place where you want your payment button to appear.
Step 5: Go to your razorpay account. In the left side you will see 'Settings'. Click on settings.
Goto API key option. Generate an API key. Copy the API key.
Step 6:. Paste the API key in the code replacing the text "API key here"
Step 7: Enter your razorpay id where it is marked blue. You can get the razorpay id from the top right corner of the screen.

Step 8: Now go preview the blog post or page after editing the code. You will see a simple button appeared saying 'Pay'. click on the button and you will get razorpay popup option appear before you ready to take payments from your visitors.

Step 9:  If you are getting "invalid API Key", log into your razorpay account, go to the API key options(Razorpay->settings->API Keys) and generate a new key. Check the preview one more time if the "invalid API key" error no longer comes.