Monday, August 12, 2019

Eora 3d makes possible 3d scanning in high precision with a smartphone

Eora is a 3d scanning technology that allows you to scan object models with high precision from
your smartphone. The technology employs green lasers rather blue lasers. The advantage of eora
over other 3d scanners is that it is low cost compared to the scanners that operates at the same
accuracy. Below is the image of the EORA 3D scanner

Eora 3d offers fast, affordable and also portable 3d scanning functionality. The scanner can be
integrated with all the modern smartphone versions that has pretty good optics. It can work with
both android and ios powered smartphones. The device needs to be connected to the smartphone
through the Bluetooth 4.0 channel. The application for Eora 3d is freely downloadable from both
Google play store and ios apple store.

Eora 3d scanner precision

The precision of eora 3d device is sub-100 microns. We get colored digital 3d models as the output
with the device. Up to 8 million vertices is the resolution available in eora 3d.

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Range of eora 3d, the smartphone 3d scan technology 

The range of the device is one metre or about 3 feet.

Green laser: The Technology behind Eora 3d scanning

Most scanners use red laser for capturing details, but not eora 3d. The feature that isolates eora
from other 3d scanners is its use of green laser for scanning. This allows to get a quality scan in low
light conditions and also from outdoor scans.

Turntable Accessory

Eora doesn't normally need a turntable for scanning models. It can integrate images taken from
different angles and stitch it to make a full 3d model. But to scan easier very small objects,turn table is a good option for easier scanning. The Eora 3d also has a turntable wireless accessory if u need to scan very small objects. The turntable is connected wireless through Bluetooth. The turntable has a diameter of 125 mm (that is 12.5 cm).

The eora 3d scan app

To make the scan, tap on the scan button from your smartphone. The dropbox integration is available to store to your dropbox cloud storage space.

Eora 3d scanned file

The files will be stored to library. The file can be stored viewed and navigated through the app.
The files can be exported as .PLY, .OBJ and .STL.

Meet the Team behind Eora 3d

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Meet Rich Boers(from left), Rahul Koduri and Asfand Khan, the developers of eora 3d technology.

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