Monday, July 23, 2018

The Nun movie(2018) Trailer, Release date, Cast, Characters details

The Paranormal Investigation days of Ed and Lorraine Warren maybe over, but the days of the Valak is not. Warner Bros Pictures have announced the release date of the movie 'Nun', which is the third installment in the Conjuring movies series. Check out the trailer, release date, cast of the movie The Nun(2018) from below.

It's been two years since Conjuring 2 released.  The new part, Nun is coming with all new cast. The Nun is directed by Corin Hardy. The previous movie in Conjuring series was directed by James Wan. James Wan, this time will be present in the credits as one of the story writers of Nun. Leaving the ghost hunting activities of the couples Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, the new movie is coming with new  locations, twists and story breakthroughs. Even though it is branded as a spin-off of the Conjuring 2, so many main characters are removed from the cast. From the cast, it can be understood that the only common actor in both Conjuring 2 and Conjuring 3 is 'Bonnie Aarons'. 'Bonnie Aarons' acted as the demon nun Valak in Conjuring 2.

The Nun(2018) movie Trailer

Here is the trailer video of movie The Nun(2018)


The Num(2018) movie Release date

The movie is to be released in 44 countries worldwide. In India, UK, and USA, it is releasing on September 7.

The Nun Character Cast list

Here is the whole list of cast and characters of the movie 'The Nun[2018]'.

Taissa Farmiga - Sister Irene
Bonnie Aarons - Demon Nun
Demian Bichir - Fr. Burke
Ingrid Bisu - Oana
Lili Bordan - Marta
Jonny Coyne - Gregoro
Sandra Teles - Sister Ruth
Mark Steger - The Duke
Sandra Rosko - Nun who is captured
Simon Rhee-Holy Man 1
August Maturo - Daniel
Emma Appleton - Elena
Jonas Bloquet - The Frenchie
Jamie Muscato - Fr. Patino
Claudio Charles Schneider-  Demon