Monday, March 19, 2018

Kerala PSC General Knowledge Questions Collection

Here is a collection of some frequently asked, important and 'can be expected' Kerala PSC questions.

Name the social reformer who is known as the 'Lincoln of Kerala'?
Ans: Pandit Karuppan
Name the first Malayalee who appeared in an Indian Postal stamp?
Ans: Shree Narayana Guru
Who is the author of 'Onnekaal kodi Malayalikal'?
Ans: EMS Namboodirippadu
Who was the 'volunteer captain' of Guruvayoor Satyagraha?
Ans: A.K. Gopalan
Name the person known as the 'Father of Tile Industry in Kerala'?
Ans: George Plebst
Which Kerala spice was historically known as 'Yavanappriya'?
Ans: Black pepper
Name the river in Kerala which is popularly known as the 'Nile of Kerala'
Ans: Bhaarathappuzha
The only person who became Kerala governor and then later became 'The President of India' ?
Ans: V.V Giri
The Kerala leader known as 'Simhala Simham'?
Ans: C.Keshavan
The year in which internet introduced in India?
Ans: 1995
In which district of Kerala is Edakkal Guha/Edakkal Cave located?
Ans: Wyanad
Name the ruler who was known as 'Maarthandavarma of Kochi'?
Ans: Shakthan Thampuran
On whose birthday is the 'National Womens Day' celebrated?
Ans: Sarojini Naidu
Whose famous kirtana is 'Karuna Cheyvaanenthu thaamasam Krishna'?
Ans: Irayimman Thampi
On which river is 'Shabarigiri Hydroelectric Project' situated?
Ans: Pamba river
Name the tallest peak in Wayanad is
Ans: Chembra
Name the Indian national leader who is known as the 'The Prince of workers'.
Ans: Gopalkrishnan Gokhale
Great hornbill(Vezhambal) is the state bird of Kerala. Which other Indian state also has Great thornbill as its state bird?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh
The first woman judge of Supreme Court?
Ans: Justice Fathima Bheevi
Name the largest river in India which flows to the west?
Ans: River Narmada
Which river is known as the 'Lifeline of Sikkim'?
Ans: Teesta
Who is the founder of Malabar Economic Union?
Doctor Palpu
The language that is to receive classical status first in India?
Ans: Tamil
The language known as 'Kohinoor of India'?
Ans: Urudu
Which only Indian state has English as its official language?
Ans: Nagaland
The year in which 'Arjuna Award' was introduced in India?
Ans: 1961
Who is the first social reformer of Kerala?
Ans: Ayya Swami Thiruvadikal
Name the person who wrote under the penname 'Thiruvithamkotte Theeyan'?
Ans: Doctor Palpu
Which is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala?
Ans: Sasthaamkotta lake
How many times did Gandhiji visit Kerala?
Ans: Five times(in 1920, 1925, 1927, 1934 and 1937)
Who is popularly known as 'Kerala Gandhi'?
Ans: K. Kelappan
The first leader to preach in Malayalam language in Oxford university is
Ans: Mannathu Padmanaabhan