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Best Animation Academy/College in Bangalore (Kalyan Nagar)

Animation is not only a course but a business as well as a fun experience. It is the art of bringing into life characters from mere strokes of a pencil or a pen. Dr. Beltran' school of animation is not only one of the best animation institutes in Bangalore but also in India. The institute follows American way of animation. In Beltran, lessons of animation are taught by experienced faculties from Disney and Dreamworks studios. They mold students to match the industry standards and requirements. The institute gives in-depth training in twelve basic principles of animation invented by nine old men.

For those planning to go for animation courses after tenth, and also for those wishing to start their career in animation, Beltran institute of animation is one best place in the city.

Twelve Principles of Animation

The twelve fundamental principles form the basis of movement in animation movies. Twelve principles of animation was laid out in book "The illusion of Life". The book was written by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of the top animation artists in Disney.

What you can become after Beltran?
If are planning to become one of these, you are welcome to Beltran.

  • Game Art Developer
  • Professional 3D Artist
  • Professional 2D Artist
  • Character Design Professional              

Courses Offered

Bsc in Character Animation
Masters in 2D animation
Masters in 3D animation.
Diploma Courses in animation

Our Student Works 

Beltran School of Animation Contact Information

Here is the contact information of the animation academy, that provides the best animation courses in Bangalore.

Beltran Animation School Address:

Sunshine complex,
Kalyan Nagar,
Pincode: 560043

Phone Number: +91 7829692502
Email id:

Drawing manually with pencils is a big deal in animation. That's why we insist on learning the traditional way initially. Traditional way is still the best way to learn animation. Almost all master professionals prescribe it. The more time you invest in learning the traditional way, the more pristine and cleaner image you get, while you are handling the digital tools.

Location: Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India