Monday, January 8, 2018

Malayalam Wise Quotes and Sayings Collection | Kwikk

"Thiri koluthathe oru padakkathinum pottimarikkaanaavilla"

"Enthinaa ingane air pidikkunathu. Oru kattadichaal pokaanullatheyulloo nammude kaattu"

If you go on searching for Malayalam quotes and sayings, there aren't many websites available in the web.
Quote in Malayalam about the sea wave and shore with sea background, blue color font
"Thalathallichavunna oro thiraykkum undaayirikkaam karayil oralppam vishramikkanamenna aagraham" -Arya R. B

If you are looking for Malayalam love quotes or life quotes, you will end up disappointed.
The problem is not that there is a lack for writers in Malayalam language. The problem is that the quotes they write are not available to everyone of us. 

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Many people write poems, sayings or quotes in Malayalam language and upload it to their social media profiles. Most of them will remain in their profiles itself even if they are shared a lot. As the time passes, they are forgotten by both the people who wrote them and who read them. They are not available to every one of us who are searching for Malayalam quotes in the web.

"Daivam bhoomiyilekku pravachakare ayachu. Chekuthan ottum kurachilla, mathapandithare ayachu"
What we are trying to do is collect as many quotes available from everywhere and trying to make it available for people who are searching for Malayalam quotes in the web.

Malayalam Quote about horoscope in Aqua color back ground and in white Malayalam font text

Love is a universal verbal language which can be understood by every creature on this planet. 'Sneham', 'ishtam' etc. are some of the synonyms of love in Malayalam language. Here are some beautiful Malayalam love quotes for you. Share them with your friends, lovers, family members and other loved ones.