Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pure Motivational Quotes Collection | Kwikk

There are a lot of things that is depressing around us. This depression can kill our inspiration and drain away our motivation.

Shit happens in life. Shit happens to everyone. When shit happens, don't fall for it, turn that into fertilizer quote. Pure motivation

If you want to shine like a Sun, then first burn like a Sun, Quote by APJ Abdul Kalam, 'the missile man of India'
 We have to be strong to start new things in our life and be better in our lives. Personal growth is a large part attributed to our motivation and hunger for progress. For personal growth we need to learn new things, start new things. We have to learn how to deal with failures in our lives. That is what motivation teaches us. It helps us to keep going with a hope for better.

What it gives is the knowledge that we are not the ones who failed. It tells us many of those who achieved greatness had failed many times before they succeeded. It enriches our mind with this new energy to accept the failures, draw lessons from the fall we had and encourages us to push harder.
Progress is life and stagnation is death. Inorder to progress we will have to work hard and keep moving in difficult times.

Motivation helps us to learn how to deal with failures confidentially. Motivation encourages us to keep our chin up even when losing. Remember it always seems impossible, until it's done.

Priyanka Kinger