Sunday, July 2, 2017

List of Keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop

Following is the list of keyboard shortcuts available in Adobe Photoshop.

 Keyboard shortcut  Function
 Ctrl+N   New 
 Ctrl+O  Open
 Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O  Open As
 Shift+Ctrl+M  Edit in ImageReady
 Ctrl W  Close file in Photoshop
 Alt+Ctrl+W  Close All
 Ctrl S  Save
 Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S  Save for Web
 Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I  File Info
 Shift+Ctrl+P  Page Setup
 Alt+Ctrl+P  Print with Preview in Photoshop
 Ctrl+P  Print
 Ctrl+Z  Undo/Redo
 Shift +Ctrl+Z  Step Forward
 Alt+Ctrl+Z  Step Backward
 Shift+Ctrl+F  Fade
 Shift+F5  Fill
 Ctrl+T  Free Transform
 Shift+Ctrl+N  New Layer
 Ctrl+E  Merge Layers in Photoshop
 Shift+Ctrl+E  Merge Visible
 M Rectangular Marquee Tool
 V  Move Tool
 L  Lasso Tool
W  Magic Wand Tool
C  Crop Tool
K  Slice Tool
J  Healing Brush Tool
 S  Stamp Tool
 E  Eraser Tool
 I  Color Sampler Tool
 F Toggle Screen Modes
[  Decrease Brush Size
]  Increase Brush Size
Z  Zoom Tool
H  Hand Tool
F1  Help
F7  Show layers Window
F6  Show Colors Window
Shift+Ctrl+X  Liquify
Ctrl+A  Select All
Ctrl+D  Deselect
Shift+Ctrl+I  Inverse Selection
Ctrl+G  Group layers
 Shift+Ctrl+G  Ungroup Layers in Photoshop
 Alt+Ctrl+I  Image Size
 Ctrl+B  Color Balance
 Ctrl+M  Curves
 Ctrl+U  Hue/Saturation
 Shift+Ctrl+U  Desaturate
 Alt Ctrl C  Canvas Size
 Shift+Ctrl+K  Color Settings
 Ctrl+'  Grid
 Ctrl+;  Guides
 Ctrl+R  Rulers
 Hold Shift after selection  Add area to previous selection 
 Hold Alt after selection Subtract area from previous selection
 Shift+F6  Feather selection