Wednesday, July 5, 2017

List of Cities with Foods, they are well-known for

You will get both Crab Cakes and Pork Rolls in Philadelphia. Philadelphia but, is not the place known for either its Crab Cakes nor its Pork Rolls.

Philly Cheese steak is the food, for which Philadelphia is famous for. Likewise, there are certain places known for some specific foods. Below is the list of such places with the foods, they are famous for.

Name of Food  Place
 Tacos  Austin, USA
 Philly Cheese steak  Philadelphia, USA
 The Juicy Lucy  Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Beaver Tails  Ottawa, Canada
 Bagels & Smoked Meat   Montreal, Canada
 Dungeness Crab  Seattle, USA
 Po’boys  New Orleans, USA
 Toasted Ravioli  St. Louis, Missouri, USA
 Carne Asada Fries  San Diego, California, USA
 Deep Dish Pizza  Chicago, USA
 Pork Rolls  Trenton, New Jersey, USA
 Crab Cakes  Baltimore, USA
 Chili Rellenos   Albuquerque, New Mexico
 Ginger Beef  Calgary, Canada
 Lobster  Prince Edward Island, Canada
The Japadog  Vancouver, Canada
The Half-Smoke Washington, D.C, USA
Donair Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Clam Chowder  Boston, USA
 The Horseshoe Sandwich  Springfield, USA
 Waffles  Bruges, Belgium
 The Garbage Plate  Rochester, USA
 Hot Browns  Louisville, USA
 72-Ounce Steak  Amarillo, Texas
 Tourtiere & Maple Sugar  Quebec City, Canada

Hope you loved this delicious list.