Friday, July 14, 2017

Kevin Costner Filmography

Following is the complete list of Kevin Costner movies.

Movie  Year  Role 
 Chasing Dreams1982 Ed
 Night Shift 1982  Frat Boy #1
 Frances 1982 Luther Adler
 Stacy's Knights 1983 Will Bonner
 Table for Five 1983  Newlywed husband
 Testament 1983  Phil Pitkin
 The Big Chill 1983 Alex Marshall
 Shadow Run Black1984 Jimmy Scott
 Fandango 1985 Gardner Barnes
 Silverado 1985  Jake
 American Flyers 1985  Marcus Sommers
 Sizzle Beach, U.S.A. (aka Malibu Hot Summer)1981  John Logan
 The Untouchables 1987  Eliot Ness
 No Way Out 1987 Tom Farrell
 Bull Durham 1988  Crash Davis
 Field of Dreams 1989 Ray Kinsella
 The Gunrunner 1989 Ted
 Revenge 1990 Michael 'Jay' Cochran
 Dances with Wolves1990 Lieutenant John J. Dunbar
 Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves1991 Robin Hood
 JFK 1991  Jim Garrison
 The Bodyguard1992  Frank Farmer
 A Perfect World1993  Robert 'Butch' Haynes
 Wyatt Earp1994  Wyatt Earp
 The War1994 Stephen Simmons
 Waterworld1995 Mariner
 Tin Cup1996 Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy
 The Postman1997'The Postman'
 Message in a Bottle1999 Garret Blake
 For Love of the Game1999 Billy Chapel
 Play it to the Bone1999 Ringside Fan