Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Few Bird Facts

 Bird that hatch eggs in compost The Male fowl 
Bird that has longest feathers  The long tailed fowl
 Bird that can fly under water  Penguin
 Bird on the Great seal of USA   Bald Eagle 
 Bird that can morethan 100 eggs in a nest   Ostrich 
Bird that has claws on its wings   Hoatzin 
Bird that has flippers instead of wings   Penguin 
Bird called as laughing jackass   Kookaburra 
Bird that moves fastest  Falcon
Bird that is the heraldic symbol of Japan  Japanese Ibis
Bird that lays the biggest eggs  The Ostrich
 Bird that lays only one egg in two years  Albatross
Bird that do not build its nest  The Cuckoo
Bird that sneaks its egg to another birds nest for hatching  The True Cuckoo
Bird that feeds young ones with only fruits  Oil bird
Bird that is known as Indian Nightingale  Red vented bulbul
Bird that lays the smallest eggs  Bee humming bird
Bird that locates its prey by smell  Kiwi
Bird that makes the largest nest  Bald eagle
Bird that prefers salty lakes  Flamingo
Fastest swimming bird  Gentoo penguin
Heaviest flying bird  Mute swan