Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sobriquets/Nicknames of Places in the world

Here is a list of places with their Nicknames/Sobriquets.

 Sobriquet/Nickname  Place
 Powder keg of Europe  Balkans
 Dark Continent  Africa
 Playground of Europe  Switzerland
 Land of White elephants  Thailand
 Land of Thousand lakes  Finland
 Land of Rivers  Punjab, India
 Quaker City  Philadelphia
 Pearl of the Antilles  Cuba
 Never Never Land  Prairies of North Australia
 Land of Rising Sun  Japan
 Land of Midnight Sun  Norway
 Land of Golden fleece  Australia
 Herring Pond  Atlantic Ocean
 Key of the Mediterranean  Gibraltar
 Emerald island  Ireland
 Garden of England  Kent
 City of Sky Scrapers  New York, USA
 City of the Golden gate  San Francisco,USA
 City of Golden temple  Amritsar, India
 Cockpit of Europe  Belgium
 Granite City  Aberdeen, Scotland
 Great White Way  Broadway, New York(USA)
 Bengal's sorrow River Damodar, India
 City of Dreaming Spires  Oxford, UK

 Nickname Place 
 Forbidden City   Lhasa, Tibet
 Gift of Nile  Egypt
 Queen of the Adriatic  Venice, Italy
  Gate of Tears  Bab-el-mandab
 Gateway of India  Mumbai
 Queen of the Arabian Sea  Kochi, India
 Land of Morning Calm  Korea
 Land of Maple  Canada
 Garden of India  Bengaluru
 The White Rus  Belarus
 The Sunny Side of the Alps  Slovenia
 Land of the Golden Pagoda  Myanmar
 Land of the Kangaroo  Australia
 Land of cakes  Scotland
 Island of Pearls  Bahrain
 Island of Cloves  Zanzibar
 Holy Land  Palestine
 Empire city  New York, USA
 City of Palaces  Kolkata, India
 City of Magnificent distances  Washington D.C, USA
 Britain of the South  New Zealand
 Blue Mountains  Nilgiri hills, India
 Land of Lilies  Canada
 Land of humming bird  Trinidad