Friday, June 16, 2017

Internet acronyms used for chatting and texting

There are certain acronyms that we use in our daily chatting and texting. LOL, ASAP, FYI are some examples of such short forms used in internet. Here we have compiled a list of commonly used internet short forms. You can use this help guide article to be familiar with these internet slang short forms and know what each of them mean. Now scroll down the page and learn some internet language short forms.

 AFK Away From Keyboard 
 ASAP As Soon As Possible
 BBL  Be Back Later
 BBN  Bye Bye Now
 BBS   Be Back Soon
 BEG   Big Evil Grin
 BF  Boy Friend
 BRB   Be Right Back
 BTW   Bye The Way
 BWL  Bursting With Laughter
 C&G  Chuckle and Grin
 CID Crying In Disgrace
 CSG  Chuckle Snicker Grin
 CYA  See You Again
 CYAL8R  See You All Later
 DLTBBB:   Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
 EG:   Evil Grin
 F2F:   Face to Face
 FCOL:   For Crying Out Loud
 FWIW:   For What It's Worth

FYI: For Your Information
GF: Girl Friend
GFN: Gone For Now
GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike
GOK: God Only Knows
GTSY: Great to See You
H&K: Hugs and Kiss
HHIS: Hanging Head In Shame
HHOK: Ha Ha -Only Kidding
HHOS: Ha Ha -Only Serious
IC : I See
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
IMO: In My Opinion
IWALU: I Will Always Love You
JMO: Just My Opinion
JTLYK: Just To Let You Know
KIT: Keep In Touch
L8R- Later
LHU: Lord Help Us
LMHO: Laughing My Head Off

LOL: Laughing Out Loud
LSHMBH: Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
LTS: Laughing To Self
LTNC: Long Time No See
LUWAMH: Love You With All My Heart
LY:Love You
OIC:Oh, I See
OTOH: On The Other Hand
PDS: Please Don't Shout
PMFJI: Pardon Me For Jumping In
ROTFL: Rounding On The Floor Laughing
RTSM: Read The Stupid Manual
SETE: Smiling Ear to Ear
SWL: Screaming With Laughter
SYS: See You Soon
TAFN: That's All For Now
TOY: Thinking Of You
TTYL: Talk To You Later
TTYT: Talk To You Tomorrow
 WB: Welcome Back

WTG: Way To Go
WTH: Who The Heck