Thursday, June 8, 2017

List of Nations and their Currencies

Here is the list of currencies used in different countries of the world. The name of country is listed at the left side and their respective currencies are given on the right side of the page. the list is an alphabetically sorted list.

 Afghanistan -  Afghan afghani
Albania -  Albanian lek
Algeria -  Algerian dinar
 Andorra -  European euro
 Angola -  Angolan kwanza
 Antigua and Barbuda -  East Caribbean dollar
Argentina -  Argentine peso
 Armenia -  Armenian dram
 Australia  Australian dollar
 Austria  European euro
 Azerbaijan  Azerbaijani manat
Bahamas  Bahamian dollar
Bahrain  Bahraini dinar
 Bangladesh  Bangladeshi taka
 Barbados  Barbadian dollar
 Belarus  Belarusian ruble
 Belgium  European euro
 Belize  Belize dollar
 Benin  West African CFA franc
 Bhutan  Bhutanese ngultrum
 Bolivia  Bolivian boliviano
 Bosnia and Herzegovina  Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
 Botswana  Botswana pula
 Brazil  Brazilian real
 Brunei  Brunei dollar
 Bulgaria  Bulgarian lev
 Burkina Faso  West African CFA franc
 Burundi  Burundi franc
Cabo Verde  Cape Verdean escudo
 Cambodia  Cambodian riel
 Cameroon  Central African CFA franc
 Canada  Canadian dollar
 Central African Republic  Central African CFA franc
 Chad  Central African CFA franc
 Chile  Chilean peso
 China  Chinese Yuan Renminbi
 Colombia  Colombian peso
 Comoros  Comorian franc
 Democratic Republic of the Congo  Congolese franc
 Republic of the Congo  Central African CFA franc
 Costa Rica  Costa Rican colon
 Cote d'Ivoire  West African CFA franc
 Croatia  Croatian kuna
 Cuba  Cuban peso
 Cyprus  European euro
 Czech Republic  Czech koruna
 Denmark  Danish krone
 Djibouti  Djiboutian franc
 Dominica  East Caribbean dollar
 Dominican Republic  Dominican peso
 Equador  United States dollar
 Egypt  Egyptian pound
 El Salvador  United States dollar
 Equatorial Guinea  Central African CFA franc
 Eritria  Eritrean nakfa
 Estonia  European euro
 Ethiopia  Ethiopian birr
 Fiji  Fijian dollar
 Finland  European euro
 France  European euro
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul
 Bangladesh  Kabul

Use this list to identify which currency belongs to which country.