Friday, August 11, 2017

List of Fields of Study

The following is a list of fields of study. You can learn from the list, names of different branches of study and what each branch of study is about.

 Acoustics   Scientific Study of Sound 
 Anemology  Study of Wind
 Adenology  Study of Glands
 Aerology   Study of the Atmosphere
 Agronomics  Study of productivity of land
 Entomology  Study of Insects
 Ornithology  Study of Birds
 Botany  Study of Plants
 Petrology  Study of Rocks
 Ichthyology  Study of Fish
 Cosmology  Study of the Universe
 Zoology  Study of Animals
 Lexicology  Study of Words and their meanings
 Pedology  Study of Soils
 Osteology  Study of Bones
 Phycology  Study of Algae
 Myrmecology  Study of Ants
 Anthropology  Study of Human Cultures
 Gerontology  Study of Aging
 Herpetology  Study of Reptiles and Amphibians
 Anatomy  Study of Structure of the body
 Hematology  Study of Blood
 Neurology  Study of Nervous system including the Brain
 Apiology  Study of Bees
 Lepidopterology  Study of Butterflies and Moths
 Bacteriology  Study of Bacteria
 Cytology  Study of Cells
 Oncology  Study of Cancer (or Tumour)
 Numismatics  Study of Coins
 Ethnology   Study of Cultures
 Nephology  Study of Clouds
 Speleology  Study of Caves
 Climatology  Study of Climate
 Nosology  Study of disease
 Oneirology  Study of dreams
 Thanatology  Study of Death and its customs
 Pharmacology  Study of drugs
 Cynology  Scientific Study of dogs
 Geology  Study of Earth's Crust
 Seismology  Study of earthquakes
 Economics  Study of  Material wealth
 Ecology  Study of environment
 Otology  Study of ear
 Physics  Study of Properties of matter and Energy
 Palaeontology  Study of fossils
 Vexillology  Study of flags
 Genealogy  Study of Family history
 Carpology  Study of fruits
 Bromatology  Study of food
 Dactylography  Study of fingerprints
 Mycology  Study of Fungi (funguses)
 Podology  Study of Feet
 Spectrology  Study of Ghosts
 Geography Study of Surface of the Earth and its inhabitants
 Graminology  Study of Grass
 Gemmology  Study of Gems and Jewels
 Archology  Study of the origins of government
 Genesiology  Study of Reproduction and Heredity
 Graphology  Study of Handwriting
 Demology  Study of Human behavior
 Trichology  Study of Hair and its disorders
 Cardiology  Study of Heart
 Hippology  Study of horses
 Historiology  Study of History
 Demography  Study of Population
 Ctetology  Study of inheritance of acquired characteristics
 Glaciology  Study of Ice ages and Glaciation
 Noology  Study of Intellect
 Immunology  Study of Immunity
 Arthrology  Study of Joints
 Zenography  Study of planet Jupiter
 Gnosiology  Study of Knowledge
 Nephrology  Study of Kidneys
 Kinesiology  Study of Human movements and posture
 Kinetics  Study of Forces producing or changing motion
 Kinesics  Study of Gestural Communication
 Philematology  Study of Kissing
 Glossology  Study of Language
 Biology  Study of Life
 Optics  Study of Light
 Hepatology  Study of Liver
 Semantics  Study of Meaning
 Cartography  Science of Making Maps and Globes
 Myology  Study of Muscles
 Mammalogy  Study of Mammals
 Orology  Study of Mountains
 Selenology  Study of Moon
 Anthroponomastics  Study of Names of persons
 Rhinology  Study of Nose
 Threpsology  Study of Nutrition
 Karyology  Study of Nucleus of cells
 Gerocomy  Study of Old age
 Oceanology  Study of Oceans
 Etymology  Study of Origin of Words
 Ideogeny  Study of Origins of Ideas
 Marine Biology  Study of Ocean life
 Planetology  Study of Planets
 Psychology  Study of Mind
 Philosophy  Science of Knowledge or Wisdom
 Parasitology  Study of Parasites
 Theology  Study of Religion
 Potamology Study of Rivers
 Ombrology  Study of Rain
 Ophiology  Study of Snakes
 Arachnology  Study of Spiders
 Dermatology  Study of Skin
 Optology  Study of Sight
 Edaphology  Study of Soils
 Dendrology  Study of Trees
 Histology  Study of Tissues
 Odontology Study of Teeth
 Urology  Study of Urine, Urinary tract
 Volcanology  Study of Volcanoes
 Virology  Study of Viruses
 Victimology  Study of Victims
 Axiology  Philosophical Study of value
 Meteorology  Study of Weather
 Oenology  Study of Wines
 Cetology  Study of Dolphins and Whales
 Polemology  Study of War
 Helminthology  Study of Worms
 Anemology  Study of Wind
 Radiology  Study of X-rays