Friday, June 23, 2017

Largest in the world List

Here is the list of largest in the world:

 Largest continent   Asia 
 Largest animal  Blue Bottom whale
 Largest democracy   India
 Largest bay  Hudson bay (Canada)
 Largest Dam  Grand Coulee dam (USA) 
 Largest airport  King Khalid International Airport(Saudi Arabia)
 Largest bird  Ostrich
 Largest Cathedral  Cathedral Church of New York(USA)
 Largest cemetery  Leningrad(Russia)
 Largest country  Russia
 Largest delta  Sunderbans delta(India)
 Largest island  Greenland
 Largest desert  Sahara(Africa)
 Largest gulf  Gulf of Mexico
 Largest Mosque  Jama Masjid, Delhi(India)
 Largest lake  Caspian sea
 Largest hotel  Hotel Rossaiya, Moscow(Russia)
 Largest river  Amazon, South America
 Largest palace  Imperial palace(China)
 Largest peninsula  Arabian peninsula
 Largest park  Wood Buffalo National park(Canada)
 Largest platform  Grand Central Terminal, New York (USA)
 Largest sea  South China sea
 Largest temple  Angkorwat(Kampuchea)
 Largest sea bird   Albatross
 Largest stadium  Starhove Stadium(Czech Republic)
 Largest volcano  Manuna Lea, Hawaii(USA)
 Largest fresh water lake  Lake Superior
 Largest waterfall  Angel waterfalls(Venezuela)
 Largest lagoon  Lagoa dos Patos(Brazil)
 Largest gorge Grand Canyon, Arizona(USA)
 Largest museum American Museum of Natural History(USA)
 Largest cinema Fox theatre, Detroit(USA)
 Largest country of Asia China
 Largest country of Europe Russia
 Largest country of Africa Algeria
 Largest country of North America Canada
 Largest country of South America Brazil
 Largest country of Oceania Australia
 Largest bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
 Largest army China