Friday, June 30, 2017

Football World Cup Winners, Runner ups and Final Scores

Here is the complete list of football world cup winners, runner ups and final scores.

Runner up 
 1930   Uruguay  Argentina  URU-4
 1934  Italy  Czechoslovakia   ITA-2
 1938  Italy  Hungary  ITA-4
 1950  Uruguay  Brazil  URU-2
 1954  Germany  Hungary  GER-3
 1958  Brazil  Sweden  BRA-5
 1962  Brazil  Czechoslovakia  BRA-3
 1966  England  Germany  ENG-4
 1970   Brazil  Italy  BRA-4
 1974  Germany  Holland  GER-2
 1978   Argentina   Holland  ARG-3
 1982   Italy  Germany  ITA-3
 1986  Argentina   Germany  ARG-3
 1990   Germany  Argentina  GER-1
 1994   Brazil  Italy  BRA-3*
 1998  France  Brazil  FRA-3
 2002  Brazil  Germany  BRA-2
 2006  Italy  France  ITA-5*
 2010  Spain  Netherlands  SPA-1
 2014  Germany  Argentina  GER-1
*These are goals scored in the Penality shoot, once the game end up as draw 

Brazil is the team which have won world cup the most. Brazil became world champions five times. Brazil team were the winners of World cup held in 1994, 2002, 1970, 1962 and 1958. In World cup wins, Germany and Italy are just behind Brazil. Both Germany and Italy became world champions four times. 

Germany is the team to reach the world cup finals the most. Germany have played 8 world cup final matches and they won in four of them.