Friday, June 23, 2017

Books and Authors List | Kwikk

Here is a list of some famous books and their authors.

Book Author
 A week with Gandhi  Louis Fisher 
 Airport  Arthur Hailey 
 Alice in wonderland  Lewis Carroll 
 All's well and ends well  William Shakespeare 
 An American tragedy  Theodore Dreiser 
 Androcles and the lion  George Bernard Shaw
 Great expectations  Charles Dickens
 Farewell to arms  Ernest Hemingway
 Ends and means  Aldous Huxley
 Divine comedy  Alighieri Dante
 David Copperfield  Charles Dickens
 Emma  Jane Austin
 Apple cart  George Bernard Shaw
 As you like it  William Shakespeare
 Bloodline  Sidney Sheldon 
 Blind ambitions  John Dean
 Born free  Joy Adamson
 A Spaniard in the works  John Lenon 
 Arms and the man  George Bernard Shaw
 Eye of the storm  Patrick White 
 Bermuda triangle  Berlitz
 Candida  George Bernard Shaw
 Babbit  Sinclair Lewis
 Back to Methuselah  George Bernard Shaw
 Das Kapital   Karl Marx
 Farm house  George Orwell
 Family Reunion  T.S Eliot
 Gandhi and Stalin  Louis Fisher
 Hamlet  William Shakespeare
 Naked face  Sidney Sheldon
 Mill on the floss  George Eliot
 Origin of species  Charles Darwin
 Leaders  Richard Nixon
 Merchant of Venice  William Shakespeare
 Invisible man  H.G Wells 
 Oliver twist  Charles Dickens
War and Peace  Leo Tolstoy
Waste land  T.S Eliot
Trinity  Leon Uris
Prelude  William Wordsworth
Power and glory  Graham Greene
Shape of things to come  H.G Wells
Tempest  William Shakespeare
Time machine  H.G Wells
Pride and prejudice  Jane Austen