Monday, May 29, 2017

Some things to know about Maps

Gerard Merkkatter is the man who coined the word 'atlas' for signifying collection of maps. Roads, residential areas etc are marked in maps by the color red. The water bodies in a map is signified by the color blue. The sand hills are depicted in maps by the color brown. The color used for signifying forest and forest areas is green.

The cultivable land is depicted in a map by color yellow. The line in a a map that connects places with same atmospheric pressure is called isobar. The line in a map that connects places with same temperature is called isotherm. The line in a map for connecting places that require same solar radiation is called isohel. The line used to connect place that have same relative denstiy is called isohume. The line used for connecting places that gets storm at same periodic intervals is called isobrond.

The word used for signifying acid rain in maps is called isoplats.

The word used in maps for signifying regions that have identical biodiversity, is called isofloor. Isofin is the name given in map for places that blossoms at the same time.

The country with most forest area is Russia. The country which has forest area next to Russia is Brazil. Taiga is the type of forest that is found most in the world. The place of India internationally with respect to forest area is ten. The rain forests are forests that gets annual rainfall more than 1750 millimeters.