Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Some facts to know about American Presidents

The official term duration of an American president is four years. The official residence of American president is known as 'White House'. The White House is situated in Washington DC. The first president to reside in White House after its construction is John Adams. The official room of president inside of White House is called 'Oval room'.

In order to be an American president candidate, he/she should have completed 35 years of age. The first president of America after its independence was George Washington. He is the one and only president who won with 100% electoral votes. He is also known as the 'Father of Nation' of America.

The first Vice president of America was John Adams. He was also the second American president.
The president who have been president for longest period of time was Franklin D Roosevelt. The president who have been president for longest period of time was William Henry Harrison. The person who have been American president most number of times is Franklin D Roosevelt.
Roosevelt was elected as American president four times.

The youngest person to be American president is Theodore Roosevelt. Another fact is that four presidents were assassinated, while being an American president. Abraham Lincoln was the American president who abolished slavery in USA. Lincoln was the sixteenth president of America.
Richard Nixon is the only American president who have resigned from the position as president. When man first landed on moon, Nixon was the president of America.

The only American president who had a PhD was Woodrow Wilson.