Friday, May 26, 2017

National Parks List

The Mahatma Gandhi marine national park is in Andaman islands. The exact location is Vandoor in Andaman. The national park set up for protecting king cobra is in Arunachal Pradesh. Namdafa is the name of that national park. Now there is another national park which is supervised by both India and Bhutan combined. The name of that national park is Manas. Manas is located in Assam. Phawngpui blue mountain national park is situated in Mizoram. There is also a national park named blue mountains in Australia.

The only national park in India which is situated in a city is Sanjay Gandhi national park. The Sanjay Gandhi national park is situated in Mumbai. The fossil national park named Mandala is situated in Madhya Pradesh.

An Indian national park in which white tiger was spotted, is Bandhavghatt national park. Badhavghatt national park is in Madhya Pradesh.

The Saalim ali natonal park is in Sreenagar of Jammu Kashmir. The largest national park of india is femis. Femis is located in Jammu& Kashmir. The smallest biosphere reserve of India is Deebru Saikhova. Deebru Saikhova is located in Assam. The national park in which Asiaic lions are found is Gir wildlife reserve. Gir is located in Gujarat. The first Lion safari park in Kerala is Marakkunnam beach.

The Gir wildlife reserve is located in Junaghattila. Kurinji sanctuary is the protected area established in Kerala. Kurinji sanctuary is made for protecting a particular plant.