Saturday, May 20, 2017

How to directly print document from your Android smartphone or tablet

There are two different ways to do this task. Either you can download the dedicated app for your printer from the Android app store, Switch on the printer, give Print option through the app and then take printout. For eg., if you are having an HP printer, first you have to go the appstore and download the HP mobile app. After that connect the printer using that app by following the adviced steps.
If you are using dedicated app for making printouts, your printer should be wireless supported.
If not, this option is not going to work.

Another option is using Google cloud print service.

This method works for both wireless and wired classic printers. If you have a wireless printer, then you can print directly from your smartphone from practically anywhere in the world remotely, without an intermediate PC/Laptop/Mac. All you need is a wireless printer connected to power.

If you do not have a wireless printer and all you have is a classical printer,then you need a PC/Laptop/Mac connected to the printer for making prints.

If you do not have a wireless printer, then you need to connect the printer to a Chrome installed PC/Laptop/Mac.

How this method works is by linking your google account with the printer hardware.

Steps to print from Android smartphone/Tablet using google Cloud Print

1.Turn on the PC/Laptop/Mac
2.Open the Chrome browser
3.Sign in to your google account
4.Go to Settings->Show Advanced settings->Google cloud print setting->Manage
5.Select Add Printers
6.Select your connected printer. Now your printer is connected to your google account.
7.Download and install Cloud print app in your android mobile phone
8.Give Print option to print a document.

You can easily print a document in home printer, with a tap on your smartphone from your office.