Saturday, May 20, 2017

Greek invasion in Indian History

Disintegration of Mauryan empire caused invasion in many parts of India by the outsiders. This was because disintegration of Mauryan empire very much weakened India.

Many Central Asian powers tried to conquer parts of India during this time. The first to do so was the Bactrian Greeks. The Bactrian Greeks were also called as Indo Greeks.

Two famous Greek rulers

There are two famous Greek rulers whose name is to be mentioned when we speak of Greek influence in India. They were Dimitrius and Menander.

Dimitrius was the son of King Euthy Demus. King Euthy was a Bactrian King. Speaking of the other ruler Menander, Menander was also called as Milinda. Milinda ruled some parts of india during the period 165 BC-145 BC.

His capital was Sialkot in Punjab. He became a Buddhist after he met Buddhist saint Nagasena. 'Milinda Panha' is a known Budhist work. It was named after Milinda.
Actually 'Milinda Panha' is the compilation of questions he asked about Buddhism to Nagasena and the answers given by Nagasena.

End of Greek rule in India

Indo-Greek rule have no long role in history. After the period of Hermeus, an Indo-Greek ruler, the Greek rule ended in India. It is to be remembered that gold coins was first issued in India by the Indo Greeks.

The other Central Asian powers that attacked India besides Greek were the Sakas, the Parthians and the Kushans.