Saturday, May 20, 2017

Gupta period: Golden Era of India

The period of Guptas is called or known as the golden age of India. Gupta period was during 300-600 CE. Art, Architecture and Literature was most nourished during Gupta period.

The name of first Gupta king is Srigupta. He was succeeded by Chandragupta I. After Chandrgupta I, Samudragupta ruled. Harisena was a scholar in the court of Samudragupta. It was Harisena who called Samudragupta, the hero of hundred battles. Samudragupta is known as 'Indian Napoleon' too.

It is to be mentioned that Ramayana and Mahabharatha were compiled during Gupta period. Not only Ramayana and Mahabharatha, many of Puranas and Smritis were compiled during the Gupta period. Famous dramatists, Kalidasa and Bhasa lived during the Gupta era. Arybhatta, the great mathematician, Varahamihira, the great astronomer, Brahmagupta, famous astronomer cum mathematician lived during the Gupta period. Brahmagupta is known to initiate the study of gravitational pull.

While speaking of art, Ajanta paintings is the best example of art during the Gupta period. While speaking of architecture, the Dashavatara temple in Jhansi is the best example of marvel of Gupta architecture.

Chandragupta II succeeded Samudragupta and Kumaragupta succeeded Chandragupta II. Invasion by Huns caused the fall of Gupta empire. Huns were from central part of Asia.

Three famous ancient universities Nalanda, Taxila and Vikramsila were built during the time of Guptas. the Nalanda university was founded by Kumaragupta I.

Here is the list of Gupta rulers and the title assumed by them

Chandragupta I:   Maharajadhiraja
Samudragupta: Kaviraja
Kumaragupta I: Mahendraditya

Pataliputra was the main capital of Gupta dynasty and Ujjain was the second capital.