Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ancient scientists

There were many ancient scientists in India. they have contributed very much to our sciences. Here are some ancient scientist you should know about.

Sushrutha is the ancient scientist who is known as the father of plastic surgery. Sushrutha is the author of the book 'Shalyathanthra'. Charakassamhitha is a book that explains about different diseases and treatments which is wrote by Charaka.

Charaka, Sushrutha and Vagbhata are known as the trinity of Ayurveda. Jeevaka was the court doctor of emperor Bimbisara. Aryabhata was the most famous astronomer of ancient India. Aryabhata was born in the year 476 AD in a place called Ashmaka. Ashmaka is known today as Kodungalloor. Aryabhata wrote Aryabhatiya at the age of 23. Maths and astronomy are the topics discussed in Aryabhatiya. Aryabhata is also the first one to give scientic explanation for eclipse.

He is also the one who said Earth is a constantly moving object. Arabhata is the first one to determine the value of pi accurately. Varahamihira is the person who wrote 'Brihatsamhitha'.Varahamihira was one of the scholars in the court of king Vikramaditya. Vagbhata wrote 'Ashtangahridaya'. Vagbhata lived in the seventh century AD.

Bhaskara I is the one to first use circle shape to denote zero. Bhaskara II is the mathematician who is known as the 'Euclid of India'. Bhaskara II is the writer of the book 'Sidhanthashiromani'. 'Brahmasphudasidhantha' is the first book to mention about zero.