Tuesday, May 23, 2017

About IT Act of the constitution

When was the IT Act came into existence? The IT act came into existence on October 17, 2000. Which is the first cyber Act of India? The first cyber act of India is IT Act 2000. Which is the further excluded section of IT Act? The excluded section of IT Act was S 66A What is S 66F section of IT Act about? The section S 66F is about cyber terrorism. According to which section of IT Act is digital signature lawfully accepted? According to 5th section.

When was amendment made to IT Act? IT Act was amended in the year 2008. Which is the special agency founded by Union government for cyber security? The special agency founded is called CERT-IN. The name CERT-IN is short for Indian Computer Emergency Response Team. As per IT Act what is the section that specifies about the punishment for making damages to computer, computer system? S 43

Which are the laws that were amended according to IT Act?
The laws amended were Indian Penal Law, Indian proof act, Bankers Book of Evidence Act, Reserve Bank of India Act. The crimes that are related to computer,internet and mobile phone is called cyber crime.

In 2012 a scheme called National policy was also implemented in IT sector
In 2013, a policy named Policy named National policy of Information Technology was implemented.

Questions about IT Act is asked many times for the competitive exams with General Awareness.