Sunday, April 16, 2017

These plants can purify the air inside your house

House plants are plants that are grown inside a house or an office. Keeping houseplants inside our houses or offices is a way of bringing the nature inside our home or our office. Growing a houseplant can be for beauty or for bringing a sense of relaxation to our indoors. It is also placed in our indoors to purify the indoors. Here are images of some houseplants that are best for purifying our indoors:

Boston fern
Selloum philodendrum
English Ivy

Janet Craig
Indoor plants purify the air by removing harmful volatile compounds like benzene, toluene, xylene etc. They also remove carbon dioxide and reduces heat inside home. They also provide oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide. House plant comes in various sizes. It can bring a positive ambiance to our home and our offices.

Aloe vera
Spider plant
Some houseplants are beautiful because of their flowers while some others are beautiful because of their leaves. We should place the houseplants in our homes or offices where they get required amounts of light, moisture, temperature and humidity etc. The composition of soil for growing different house plants is different.

Ficus alii
Similarly under watering and over watering are bad for the indoor plants. So timing of watering the houseplants is particularly important.

Bamboo palm
Peace lily
Uneven watering may lead to under watering or over watering conditions. Light is another important factor for indoor plants. The light requirements of all indoor plants are not the same.
The soil in which houseplants are grown is called potting soil. A potting soil is not just soil but also a mixture of compost and some organic contents that contins required nutrients for plants.