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Vishu Messages, Images and Wishes

Vishu Messages, Images and Wishes

Vishu is the new year day according to the malayalam calendar. It is Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala. The festival marks the beginning of harvest year in Kerala. According to Malayalam calendar, Medam is the first month and first day of Medam is Vishu. Vishu usually falls on the second week of April, according to Gregorian calendar.

Vishu messages, images and Wishes

Vishu Messages

Here are some messages you can send to your friends and relatives for wishing a Happy Vishu.

Vishu Messages, Images and Wishes

Vishu messages, photos and Wishes

Vishu is a festival of light too. People celebrate Vishu by decorating lights in their homes. Fireworks are also a part of Vishu celebrations. The crackers bought during vishu is called vishupadakkam. People buy new clothes. The new dresses bought for Vishu is called Vishukkodi.

Vishu Images messages

Here are some image messages to send to your friends and relatives

Vishu messages

Vishu photos and Wishes

Vishu messages and Wishes

There is also a tradition of giving money to the younger people by the older people of the family. This tradition is called Vishu Kaineettam. The feast prepared during vishu is called Vishu sadya.

Vishu images and photos with messages

"Konnappovinte samrudhiyum thulasikkathirinte nairmallyavum swarnnamanikal niranja nellolathumbine thazhukiyethunna kulirkkaattumaayi veendumoru vishukkaalam. Vishu Aashamsakal"

The word 'vishu' means equal. Vishukkani is also a part of vishu. It is the first thing seen on the first day of the year, after waking up.

Happy vishu wishes

Raw rice, Fresh lemon, Golden cucumber, Coconut, Jack Fruit, Kanmashi (Kajal), Betel leaves, Arecanut, Metal mirror, Konna flowers, Holy texts, Coins, currency notes along with a picture or idol of Lord Krishna are arranged beside a nilavilakku (lamp) in the pooja room for vishukkani. It is believed that seeing auspicious articles as vishukkani brings good luck and prosperity for the entire year.

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There will be vishukkani arranged for devotees in Guruvayoor temple and Sabarimala Ayyappan temple. Thousands of people visit these temples on the vishu day for viewing Vishukkani. This year in 2017, Vishu falls on April 14 of the Gregorian calendar.

Similar to Diwali, Pongal, Ugadi, Vishu is also a main festival. Vishu is mainly celebrated by Malayalis, the Malayalam speaking people who belongs to state Kerala.

Vishu images

Here are some beautiful Vishu images.

kanikkonna vishu images

vishu images and photos

Hope you like these wishes, messages and picture quotes. We are wishing you a prosperous Vishu..